Her er vores samling af brochurer fra aquatherm og ReTherm Kruge

Teknisk manual green pipe

Teknisk manual blue pipe

Teknisk manual red pipe

Teknisk manual  blue pipe Ti

Teknisk manual Black system

Aquatherm energy guidelines

Produktkatalog aquather

Produktkatalog ReTherm Kruge 

Monteringsanvisning Svensk

Maskiner og værktøj

Klimarapport  C02-aftryk

EPD green/blue pipe 2023

EPD blue pipe 2023 (OT_ti_UV)

EPD red pipe 2023

EPD black system 2023

Video blue pipe

Her finder du videorer om montering af blue pipe

Video green pipe

Her finder du videorer om montering af green pipe

Video Black system

Her finder du video om montering af Black system

Use in the shower area

aquatherm black system registers ensure comfortable warmth in the shower area. 

Ceiling system metal substructure

When installing the aquatherm black system in a metal substructure on the ceiling. 

Ceiling system high-performance modules

The aquatherm black system high-performance modules can be used as a heating and cooling system. 

Ceiling system metal ceiling panel

The use of aquatherm black system in a metal cassette ceiling is particularly popular due to the quick installation and good heating/cooling performance.

Instruction video plastered ceiling

The aquatherm black system registers and the connecting pipework are attached to the ceiling and then plastered.

SPIDER instructional video

With this contraction tool, the welding work with Green pipe and Blue pipe pipes in dimensions 63-125 mm is significantly facilitated and a time gain of up to 50% is achieved compared to conventional welding machines.